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About Violet

Hello! I'm a person who draws and also occasionally writes things. I hail from the Pioneer Valley in western Massachusetts, where I currently split my time between being a full-time art student and a part-time hermit.

I like skulls and the strange things that happen inside of them. I like contemplating intelligences that aren't our own, whether they be animal, extraterrestrial, or mechanical. I like oceans and ships and all manner of sea creatures.

Most of all, I have a deep love for comics and a passion for history, both of which I hope to align with the work I do as I become more proficient. For now, I spend my time studying, sketching, and taking on the occasional freelance project.

In addition to my usual job of creating and ingesting pictures, I've recently co-authored the upcoming art book Madness In Crowds, slated for publication in June 2019, which documents the life and artwork of the largely forgotten illustrator and cartoonist Harrison Cady.