The cover comic for The Ladybroad Ledger #5, made shortly after the repeal of Roe v. Wade but by no means limited to it. 2022.

A comic about travel, liminal spaces, and what we leave behind in the places we pass through. Self-published, 2021.

An autobiographical comic about growing up asexual, made in a single weekend for Asexual Awareness Week. Self-published, 2021.

A short watercolor comic exploring the fluidity of identity and how it conforms to place. Self-published, 2021.

A "mixtape" collage comic about suicide and the opposite of suicide, made entirely out of panels from my favorite comics. Self-published, 2021.

An xkcd tribute comic that's also a love letter to every person I've never met. Self-published, 2021.

A short zine about quarantine feelings. It can be downloaded here and printed and assembled at home. Made for Quarantine Public Library, 2020.

A comic about a deported cousin, 1920s immigration policy, and the arbitrary nature of borders. Names have been omitted, but the story is true. 2020.